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Marketing Strategy & Automation at its best.
Automate the Journey is different. We've got the right team, the best technology, and proven solutions allowing us to deliver
small businesses something no other agency can provide - consistency.
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Access to the world's best tools.
Industry-leading strategies, campaigns, and tools. Delivered.
We’ll package up the right solution to your challenges and beam it directly into your [page//business term - singular - short ##lowercase].
Every month, like clockwork.
We've got your back.
Automate the Journey is with you every step of the way.
You’re not alone in this anymore. Our team will work closely with your business to deliver on all of our promises.
If you have a question, we have an answer.
Mutual success.
When you win, we win.
Automate the Journey doesn't succeed unless you succeed. It does us no good to get new clients who end up canceling after one or two months.
Our business model is simple and transparent. We believe that if we deliver incredible results to [page//vertical - plural - shorthand ##lowercase] like you, you’ll stick around for a while.
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ATJ helps with virtually everything marketing-related. We collaborated on strategy and they always found a way to execute the vision, which resulted in YOY growth. I would highly recommend ATJ to a business owner looking to automate and improve their marketing funnel
Justin Tolle

President, Snipers Edge Hockey
You can’t convert unless they get to your website; Tim and his team drive them there. I recommend Tim without hesitation to anyone needing a go-to person for digital marketing and, in particular, email drip marketing
Barney Stacher

COO, High Falls Hemp NY

Tim is an incredible executor. You give him your goals and timeline and the team will get it done. They are excellent Paid Ads managers, marketing automation systems builders, and customer journey creators. If you are a small business looking for help with marketing Automate The Journey is your one-stop shop for all your needs!

Shaylan Hurley

COO, Mustard Seed Ventures

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More than just marketing.
The ATJ difference.
It’s no longer enough to be the best business in your niche. The market is flooded with options and more are popping up every day. Staying one step ahead of your competition in the battle for attention is vitally important. And that’s why many small businesses are hiring marketing agencies to get an edge. But regardless of how hard these agencies try to convince you otherwise, marketing isn’t all that matters.
What’s the point in attracting new customers if you aren’t absolutely blowing their minds with quality, convenient, and modern experiences at every step of their journey? That’s how you ensure satisfaction, which solidifies your reputation, and brings even more customers through the door.
That’s how you truly stand out — by actually being better. Not just having fancier social media ads.
That’s where Automate the Journey comes in. We aren’t just a marketing agency; we’re a seismic shift in your small business from top to bottom.
We are the experts in growing businesses like yours. We'll implement specific, proven customer-attraction and business management systems for you, month after month. What you get by working with us is an agency that's constantly growing and improving, delivering better client experiences and getting you more referrals and repeat business with less work consistently.
Forget the battle. We’re here to win the war. That’s the ATJ difference.
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St. Pete Beach, FL 33777

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