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Check out our services.
See how Automate the Journey will deliver your business consistent wins. Month after month.
Unlike most agencies, Automate the Journey is dedicated to growing our clients’ businesses consistently — not just right when we’re hired.
You can expect us to implement specific, proven solutions (like the ones on this page) into your business every month.
Abandoned Checkout Recapture
It’s no fun to lose a sale at the last minute. Use this system to bring back those who started filling out your order form but didn’t finish.
Email Newsletter Opt-in and Delivery
Don’t let your hard-earned leads and customers forget about you. Use email newsletters to share product updates and valuable content that keep them engaged.
Free Download Lead Magnet Funnel
Entice leads with a free ebook, guide or other download in exchange for their contact info so you can nurture them towards a sale.
Membership Site
Quickly launch a membership site that handles member management tasks such as generating login information and gating access to pages for you.
Mini-course Lead Magnet Funnel
Launch a short series of educational videos so you can entice leads to join your list and ultimately sell them what you have to offer.
Persuasive Sales Funnel
Use a persuasive sales page to encourage leads to order your product, and connect it seamlessly to your order page and invoicing.
Smiley Survey and Testimonial Generator
Automatically send a feedback survey to your customers so you can learn exactly what people like about your business and where you can make improvements.
Stay-in-touch Drip Email Campaign
Stay in front of your leads with a series of emails that express why you’re the right choice for their needs and direct them to your sales page.
Subscription Management on Autopilot
Use this system to turn your one-time purchase membership site into a subscription and automatically handle recurring payments, cancelations and customer re-engagement.
Thank You Page Conversion Booster
Turn your thank you pages into segmenting tools so you can automatically send relevant marketing messages to leads based on their pain points.
Webinar Promotion Funnel
Boost your webinar attendance with less effort by inviting contacts to your webinar and sending timely event reminders, all automatically.
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